Law Enforcement Consulting

During my long career in the Towing & Recovery Industry, I have worked cooperatively with Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, and DOT agencies in the field of Incident Management (IM). Working with all of these different disciplines allows us to view

IM issues with a unique perspective. During the last 15 years my focus has been working with these first responders to improve incident clearance and incident scene safety.

We have worked together in many ways including cross-training exercises, monthly stakeholders meetings, tabletop exercises, and much more. These efforts have shown very positive results. If your agency is seeking to plan cross-training exercises or for other issues involving the towing industry, please contact CIRT if we can be of assistance.

Let CIRT help you with the following:

> Inter-Agency Training with Towing

> Specially Designed Presentations for Your Agency

> Law Enforcement Academy Presentations

> Towing Industry Compliance Issues

> Incident Management Plan Participation Reviews

> Other Related Services

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