ToeMan-Nator Man 

"A Man of Good & Evil"

This story involves a tower who was recovering a front-end loader that got stuck against a car while clearing snow on a residential street.  It looks very cold there!  While exposure to the cold temperatures is a consideration, when performing recoveries you should use a winch not the tow truck transmission.  Using a winch allows the tow truck operator to control the movement, direction, and speed of the vehicle being recovered.  Also, if the operator of the stuck vehicle is going to be assisting you somehow with the recovery, be sure you can communicate with that person.  Options would be a cell phone, hand signals, or a spotter who can communicate to you and the disabled vehicles operator. When using cell phones, hands-free devices work best.  As you will see, the other thing that occurs when you perform a recovery this way is the shock loading, which takes place to the rigging used for the attachment to the front-end loader.  This type of shock loading to any type of rigging is very bad for your expensive rigging and can result in damage to the rigging or complete failure of the rigging.  This can lead to possible injuries or death. And finally, did I mention the damage to the parked vehicles? OUCH! Let us not even talk about the customer service that followed the damages! Click on the link below for the rest of the story.

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