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Robert Tuttle has worked in the Towing and Recovery Industry for over 30+ years. During this time, he has worked at almost all job positions possible in the Towing and Recovery field, from entry-level driver to field management and administration.

Throughout his long career, a vast majority of his experience has been providing Incident Management (IM) Response Services in San Antonio, Texas, one of the top ten largest cities in the nation. Robert has always found it important to share his experiences with fellow towing operators. In 2003, he founded Complete Incident Response Training (CIRT) and began developing his own formal training programs, which includes all levels of Towing and Recovery as well as other professions.

Although he had been training tow operators informally for many years, in 2003 CIRT began offering Professional Training Services to area towing companies and other consumers in need of training for the Towing and Recovery industry.

In February of 2009, CIRT became a State of Texas approved training provider for the Tow Operator Continuing Education (CE) Program that is regulated by Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR). As you see from the Qualifications and Certifications listed below, Robert has a wide array of education and experience in First Responder fields, which provides him with a unique perspective on working with other first responders at incident management scenes. He has participated in large scale NIMS Incident Command table top exercises and field training exercises with the San Antonio Fire and Police Departments. This knowledge and experience is intergraded into CIRT's Towing and Recovery Training.

Finally, Complete Incident Response Training believes that formal training must be based on real world situations. We also strongly believe that muti-agency / muti-discipline training keeps all first responders safer at incident scenes.

Robert Tuttle, Owner

Certifications & Formal Training for Robert Tuttle

> Towing Recovery Association of America (TRAA) Level 3 Certification

Wreckmaster Level 4/5 Certification

Air Cushion Recovery Trained & Experienced

Wreckers International / Bill Jackson 3-Day Training Course

Haz Mat Operations Level 16-Hour Certification

Haz-Wopper Technician Level 40-Hour Certification

TEEX WMD Terrorism Awareness Training 12-Hour Certification

USDOT/FHA Highway Incident Management Training 16-Hour Certification

TEEX Work Zone Traffic Control Training 16-Hour Certification

Toyota Forklift Safety Awareness Certification Course

 Keller FMCSR Compliance Seminar

The Crosby Group 8-Hour Rigging Course

Wes Wilburn Advanced Light Duty and Heavy Duty Training Course

 Wes Wilburn "Train the Trainer" Course

NIMS/ICS-400 Advanced Incident Command Training 24-Hour Certification

TTSA / Howard College Advanced Heavy Duty Training Course (2006)

 TTSA / Howard College Advanced Heavy Duty Training Course (2007)

TEEX Traffic Incident Responders Course HWS-020 8-Hour Course

 TRIG Certified Tow Operator (2007)

 Miller Industries 2-Day Rotator Seminar (2007)

 International Institute of Towing & Recovery Training Instructor 18- Hour Certification

 State of Texas TDLR Approved Training Instructor

 Costal Bend College EPTC-1059 Haz-Wopper 8-Hour

 TEEX National Traffic Incident Management 12-Hour

 SHRP-2 TIM Training Instructor

Other Qualifications for Robert Tuttle

 Operated or Managed Light Duty Wreckers, Rollback Wreckers, Heavy Duty Wreckers, Air Cushion Recovery and Landoll Trailers for over 34+ Years

Heavy Duty Towing Manager for Towing Company with over 50 Trucks for 14+ Years

Towing Contractor Liaison W/City of San Antonio Police & Bexar County Sheriffs Dept.

Heavy Duty Towing Incident Response Operations & Haz Mat Cleanup Response

Plan and Implement Cross Training Exercises for Heavy Duty Towing Operations With The San Antonio Fire Dept. Technical Rescue Unit & Haz Mat Response Team

 Develop and Implement New Safety Polices for Heavy Duty Towing Operations

Conduct Heavy Duty Towing Operators Safety Meetings

 Damage Claim Investigation for Heavy Duty Towing Operations

 Generate Heavy Duty Recovery & Haz Mat Spill Invoice Billing & Site Summaries

 Market Heavy Duty Towing Services & Customer Relations

 Developed, Authored & Instruct Class Room & Hands-On Training Curriculum for Light Duty Wrecker/Rollback, Basic Heavy Duty and Advanced Heavy Duty for 11+ Years